Another nice piece from the good folks at the Big Red Network pointed out in the piece the Huskers are 35-5 playing at home in primetime games over the years...

Night kickoffs favor home teams. And, playing in prime time aids the program's revenue, exposure and recruiting efforts.
The Huskers are still a major draw. Playing in prime time has a significant impact on the program's ability to sell itself outside of its typical fan base or geographic footprint. Casual college football fans from Maryland to Washington will often watch the ABC/ESPN primetime telecast. It's the big stage. NU gets it three times. Can they put it to good use?
Finally, playing home games at night has a positive impact on Nebraska's ability to recruit. Not only do they benefit from the aforementioned media effect of getting the increased exposure from a night game, they also have an easier time with scheduling and managing the travel for visiting recruits. The big games are the ones the top recruits want to see. These are the weeks when you can expect NU to load up on visitors. Having the luxury of an extra travel day and the electricity of an amped up crowd will make it easier to get visitors to Lincoln and (quite possibly) get them to commit.

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