An interview he gave to a Michigan blog after his visit to Nebraska....after reading this interview I'm think we may have a better than average shot at him even if his cousin Cravens goes to USC as decision expected anytime soon....he has said this in other interviews....

Me: Do you have a top-5?

Joe: No, itís Michigan and Nebraksa and thatís it.

Me: What was the biggest difference between Nebraska and Michigan?

Joe: Michigan, I only got to spend a little time with the coaches, but at Nebraska, I spent a lot of time with the coaches.

Me: Do you think itís realistic for you to come play football all the way out in the Midwest?

Joe: Yeah, I really want to leave California. I wanna play in the Big Ten.

Me: So is it true that Nebraska is your new #1?

Joe: [Laughing] Yeah, itís true. It felt like home, you know. Michigan was cool, I got a lot of love from the fans and stuff, but the coaches -- I needed to spend more time with them. Three hours that Friday night werenít enough.
Me: When do you plan on deciding?

Joe: Umm, I wanna decide at one of the All-American games, but not during the season because the recruiting might get too hectic. Iím not sure yet, but time will tell.
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