Now that the BCS is moving to a 4 team play-off that is set to start in 2014 and ND's K with NBC is up in 2015, it seems logical that the conference would start to go after ND again.

They simply cannot stay independent for too much longer, especially if they have average-to-sub-par seasons in '12 and '13. They will be forced into a move soon and I hope Delaney gets this thing rolling now.

Get ND and Rutgers. The conference goes to 14 teams (same as SEC). Conference footprint is ten states, as JD has long alluded to = Big 10. NYC now joins a conference footprint that already has Chicago, Detroit, Minneapolis, Cleveland, and Philadelphia. That is a pretty impressive footprint with a ton of TV's.

Now let's get-r-done and start prepping to get to the Top 4 in 2014.