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Thread: Coach Thenarse

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    Coach Thenarse

    Great article on the front page by Brian Christopherson about Ricky Thenarse and his new coaching gig. Great story and makes you proud of the University of Nebraska and our football program. Guys like Thernarse are the type of guys that need to be coaching kids in tough areas. They need someone that can relate to them. Plus, hopefully Coach Thenarse finds some good players to send to Nebraska!

    Go Big Red!

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    Kinda makes me proud of Thenarse along with the University... ;o). Ricky did everything and more while at UNL from what I hae understood, and while his football career wasn't what I am sure he thought it would be, handled it with grace and aplomb. Good luck and God bless, Ricky.
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    Good Luck Coach Thenarse, with coach Sanders at USC to lend a mentoring hand, I think Ricky is going to do great!

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    Very encouraging.

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    Great stuff. Go Ricky - your kids are lucky.

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    Very cool story. I wish Coach Thenarse all the best in what looks to be a very difficult job.
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    Great story. Hopefully he can have a very positive influence on a lot of young kids.
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    I also really liked this story. Hopefully Ricky can get even more kids out for his team by fall practice. It really shows that our current coaching staff is continuing what Coach Osborne's staff emphasized, education is important. That he wants to give back to his community and be a part of positive change in Watts just shows what kind of a guy Ricky is.

    I just hope the knuckleheads that are jealous he got out and has an education leave Ricky and his players alone.
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    God bless you and your endeavors, Ricky, and may he protect you. You've got more guts than I have going back to LA, as your brothers both died of gunshot wounds there. You are a genuine Husker hero, and I mean that 100%.
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