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Thread: Silent commits and planned announcements

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    Silent commits and planned announcements

    Reading the OWH interview with Bo where he mentioned that a couple of kids have committed but hadn't announced yet got me thinking.

    Are there any restrictions on schools' ability to plan with kids to announce their commitments on certain dates?

    How great would it be if a bunch of kids decided that they were going to commit to Nebraska, but then all banded together and announced the same day? The news story of having five or six new Huskers all at once would burn up the message boards and get a lot of attention from fans and fellow recruits, I'd imagine.

    Then, think about if the University could actually coordinate the announcement at a place on campus somehow (I'm guessing this runs afoul of the rules). But, if there would be a way to get five or six kids who we knew were going to commit to come for an official visit and all announce at the same time on campus, that'd be a sweet deal, too.

    Basically, if we can have a bunch of kids all announce at the same time (or even the same place) we could turn the commitment into a big recruiting tool in and of itself.


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    I think something like that would turn it more into a circus rather than a "recruiting tool". It would overall take the attention away from the type of characters we are looking for to represent the program and place the focal point on the recruits themselves. Unless these kids are attending the same school, or at least located in the same city, I don't see any reason for the school to administer or attempt to coordinate them making a "verbal" commitment at once. If the recruits facebook, twitter, text, etc....each other to do so from their respective schools/churches/football camps, then I'm all for it, but that's where it should be left at. I already don't like the "hat game" that recruits do on signing day as, IMO, that's a slap in the face to the institutes that have spend so much time, effort, money trying to recruit the individual. That already centers the attention solely on the recruit rather than the school. We don't need a whole bunch of circus' in the college football games/recruiting. It's just going to attract more clowns than we really need.

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