N2FL, Red Reign, BornToBeRed, et. al. have the ranking and scouting thing covered, so I though the rest of us could provide some valuable insight on what nicknames Husker Nation should assign these fine young athletes.

Here are my early favorites:

Josh Banderas, LB (Nebraska) - "The Bandit" or "Banderas the Bandit" (Will hopefully be a self-fulfilling prophecy of a LB that is great in coverage and routinely intercepts/strips the ball.)

Tre'vell Dixon, Ath (Louisiana) - "Baby Please Don't Go" (As in, "Baby, please don't go down to New Orleans, you know [we] love you so...." in the style of Chris Berman.)

Marcus McWilson, S (Ohio) - "McBurglar" (I plan on the secondary returning to ball-hawking form.)

A.J. Natter, DE (Wisconsin) - "Natty" (As in, did you see "Natty LITE that guy up!?" See what I did there?)