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Thread: Three Walk Ons

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    Quote Originally Posted by bilsker View Post
    The real answer will come during the season.

    The fact is if you have 3 walk-ons starting on a 5 man line something hasn't worked it recruiting (lack of numbers or guys just not panning out), injuries, whatever. We can romanticize the walk-on program all we want but when 60% of your OL is walk-on something fell apart somewhere.
    A former NU HC would have doggedly kept underqualified scholarship players starting over harder working/better players, simply by virtue of the fact they had been highly regarded out of HS, and were "scholarship" players.

    Most athletes in Nebraska outside of the Lincoln/Omaha metro will not have the chance to play in front of recruiting gurus. They therefore will not receive the hype that athletes in metro areas receive. An athlete cannot help where his parents choose to live. He just goes out and plays ball.

    Many athletes in the United States do not live in metro areas, and therefore are "under the radar." There is no way to objectively measure the potential of a high school junior or senior.
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    Just found an interesting website with more accurate (I assume) detail about the walk on's than what you've been reading here.

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    While some may think this is a failure of the recruiting system, I find this very familiar and comforting. This is all about the old formula of success of an over achieving school from the upper Midwest. Osborne over the years chased out all the bugs out of the system. Import speed and hang on firmly to the home-bred beef with great work ethics. The work ethics then rubs off on the imports and the cohesiveness of it all binds the team. That old recipe for success that was tried and true.

    Back in those days many of the press and the recruiting services looked down on the recruiting classes for the most part. Many articles were written and many of the self anointed gurus said that NU was overrated. I remember those days. Osborne went about his work without regard to their snipes. He also had the most successful program of his time.

    This is the way it used to be and I say let those who don't understand the old formula put the system down. They never bothered the success before and I would hope they won't deter success as Osborne teaches Bo where all the bodies are buried. We needed new blood in the old system. We did not need to throw out the baby with the bath water however. It's the process that worked for decades and we have a lost generation that really never understood how it worked. As for the coaches and AD's of the past decade they never really understood the impact. Kids in Nebraska received footballs in their cribs at an early age. Some others outside the state got surfboards. Some got basketballs. Some skies. The kids around these parts were raised to play football and it's about time we not let them get away.

    This is the very reason the good Doctor returned. To recapture what was lost and teach it to another staff and the lost generation. Callahan never understood the talent he had right under his nose. Bo is beginning to understand thanks to the Doc. Coach Brown, Cotton and the others who have returned to the family. Now we can get the walkon program to maximum performance. The red shirting and the development of youth. Getting closer to seeing those fifth year seniors with leadership qualities up front. For myself I find it very comforting knowing not all was lost in the many transitions of the last decade.

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