My letter grade to date is a solid "B" all things considered.

Just curious how everyone would grade the season so far. If you take away the Gonzaga series and Northwestern series we are 24-8 (6-3 B1G). However, in reality we are 25-13 (7-5 B1G) with the 2 meltdown series' since it isn't fair to play the would've could've should've game.

I think it was nice to get the "conference road series losing streak" money off of our backs this weekend. Also, the kids are playing hard despite their fair share of mental breakdowns, but that will happen at times when you're playing an aggressive "force the issue" style of baseball Darin & Co are coaching.

I know some people are more & less optimistic than others on here, so I figured that it would be fun just to see how things shake out if everyone were to assign a letter grade.