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Thread: LJS Blog-Brian Rosenthal: Biggs commits "Official"

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    Quote Originally Posted by bilsker View Post
    I think the doubters would relax year 1...most are aware of the absolute disaster Miles inherited from Doc and know that Miles has some heavy lifting to do. Obviously "6 games" is a little on the low side for even a bad team but how much could Biggs really help? A couple games? 3..4? He'll be much more valuable in years 2 and 3 of the Miles era than in years 1 and 2...with or without Agau.

    An awful first year is already expected...if recruiting is going well people won't give it much thought.
    I agree, or I would hope so, however you put it. Like you said, 6 wins would be massively sucky...but if you redshirt your better guys that are able to redshirt, who knows. Plus, he has to teach these guys how to win. I just want us to be somewhat relavant, not an easy win on people's schedules...

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    Quote Originally Posted by ShortSideOption View Post
    From what i've been told, Biggs wants to redshirt if Nebraska lands Akoy so they can play 2 years together.

    Where some are saying they hope this happens as next year is essentially a "throw-away" year, and I agree, Miles won't lose his job over the record next year. But, winning only 6 games isn't the answer either and can bring the doubters out sooner than they may initially show up.

    If we get Akoy, I would love to see Devrell be able to redshirt, 2 Nebraska kids trying to put the team on their back to get to an NCAA tourney bid would be great.

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