Good stuff...I suspect Dad and Bo spoke about this before Bo spoke to Mike Jr...

Minter attended Nebraska's junior day and visited with several coaches, including Pelini. Mike Minter, the former all-conference defender who played on two national-title teams in Lincoln, was there, too. They met in Pelini's office, and the coach's words were clear: Get your act together away from football, and you've got a spot in this recruiting class. Until then, no offer.

"I love what Bo told him," Mike Minter said, "because now it's not just dad who's telling him that. The head coach at Nebraska is saying it. He told him, 'You've got the name. You're one of the best athletes out there, but everything you do is going to be looked at.'"
"He's been brought up the right way," Lincoln North Star coach Mark Waller said. "His parents are good people. They have great character and standards. He just needs to figure it out. And he will.

"It's in Michael's corner. If he wants to play at Nebraska, it's up to him to do what we want him to do, and what his mom and dad want him to do. If he can behave right and associate with the right kind of people, things are going to work out for him."
As for the college choice, father and son remain on the same page. If Nebraska offers, it's an easy decision. The younger Minter said he, too, appreciated Pelini's direct style in explaining the situation.

"He said they want me to come here," Michael Minter said. "You've just got to show us you want to come here. It made me think real good of him. He's going to tell me how it is. That's the kind of coach I want to play for."

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