Apparently Akoy has his heart set on playing in the Big 10/Big East...and if UCONN ever offers it's over. But UCONN might be a pipe dream for him. Point being this is a guy Miles has got to get. Not because he's the next Dwight Howard but because he's a Nebraska kid that's going to play high major college bball. The tide has to turn at some point. Not sure what the roster will look like by the time (if) Agau makes it to NU but hopefully there isn't too much pressure on him to be great right away. I think he can be a defensive presence from day one. But that he will take a while to develop offensively is going to be my guess. (Remember, RIch King was only good for 5 and 3 as a frosh)

Would be a good "in-road" for the Central sophomore (jr. next year) that people are already excited about.