Great article from 2 weeks have to like the Huskers chances as he loved his visit on Saturday at Jr day to boot....

“I have been calling coach John Papuchis once a week since the Iowa game,” Natter said. “I have also talked to defensive line coach Rick Kaczenski. When he came to Nebraska, I was the first defensive linemen coach Papuchis introduced him too. Coach Kaczenski seems like a great guy, all the coaches at Nebraska do. I am excited to go back down there.”
Natter has visited Nebraska twice last season. He saw the Washington, and Iowa game.

“I made two games this year,” Natter said. “Both games were amazing. I was not expecting what I saw, and what I heard. The facilities, and the fans, everything about it was absolutly nuts. The first time I was there coach Pelini, coach Papuchis, and coach Cotton all came up and talked to me personally. I accidently bumped into someone on my way up the tunnel at the end of the Washington game, and it was coach Pelini. He just smiled at me and nodded.”

Natter raved about the coaching staff in Lincoln.

“The team seemed really close nit. Every time I go down there its great. Coming up with my junior day visit, I have high expectations. I know it won’t be a waste of my time. At that time I was down there, I didn’t have an offer. He (Bo Pelini) said they had heard about me and said he heard I did a lot of good things. He just seems like a great guy. We just got to know each other while I was there. At that point I was just living it up.”
Natter said he can’t wait for his trip to Lincoln for his junior day visit.