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Thread: Is this basically what the rest of the class looks like?

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    Is this basically what the rest of the class looks like?

    I was thinking this is basically who the last slots come down to:

    Valentine or Curry
    Bourque or Cross
    Ford or Shelton

    If that's how it played out and if I understand the numbers correctly, we'd be one over what we can offer. I suppose it's more likely that we miss on one or two of these but if not, is there any chance Sam Cotton greyshirts? Hard to see an out of state guy greyshirting.

    This is already a really good class. If we finish out with something like this, I'll be really pleased.

    My view of the program is that we have a very solid baseline of talent. To make it to the next level we need difference makers and it looks like there could be a number of them in this class. I'm really excited about Armstrong. He shows signs of being the truly elite QB we've not had in a long time. If so, we could be one of very few teams with a top ten defense (I'm optimistic that Bo's increased involvement on that side of the ball returns us to having a top 10 type defense) and an elite QB. I know this year wasn't what we all hoped for, but I think we're positioned to make a leap. Maybe starting next fall.

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    Oh no you didn't. You are not allowed to even say the words Sam Cotton and greyshirt in the same post around here.

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    I would take
    Valentine & Curry
    Ford & Shelton

    And smile until fall camp! Not that the others are not needed or good but these are positions of need or players that I feel will be game changers.

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    My guess

    #3 Silent commit.

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    I'm sure there will be a surprise we haven't considered. Most likely someone who offered in March that committed in April (silently)

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    Honestly don't think they'll GS S. Cotton. We lose two TE's to grad next year, and Long is the only other one with PT. A full year on the practice field is probably in order to get him ready to challenge as a rFR. J. long and D. Sutton will essentially be the only two TE's ahead of him.
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