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Thread: In State commits willing to walk-on

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    In State commits willing to walk-on

    I remember being in the weight room when Kyle Larsen was asked to talk with a recruiter from Nebraska about walking on. Kyle looked around and said, "they want to talk to ME?!" How awesome that must have felt....does anyone remember this many guys who had this much talent and potential willing to walk on? I am trying to remember and its been so long that I can not remember this many guys willing to forgo a D-II schollie or a scholarship in general.

    After seeing N2FL's list I can't help but think that the players see something in this program that we as fans maybe don't or don't have the ability to. I think that a lot of these guys could, can, and still might take an offer elsewhere but its awesome that they're willing to forgo a LOT of money in order to play in front of a ton of people who are about to look at them through a magnifying glass. This is what college football is about....and winning

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    I agree they do it for the right to wear the Husker N. Just read where All State QB Ryker Fyfe said he would walk on at Nebraska.

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