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Interesting stuff coming from the LSU camp that Lee was practicing as starter for the championship game then a few days before the game Miles switched it to Jefferson. A few players went in and expressed their displeasure of the switch and he sat some of them for portions of the game. Apparently the OC expressed that he thought it was the wrong call as well and Miles told him "If you aren't on my side, go ahead and start looking for a new job after the game". People are speculating that the players were upset because once Lee was told he was going to start the game early in the process, Jefferson was not preparing as he should (late nights out, not drinking the right kind of fluids, etc.).

Anyways, some Tiger fans are speculating this is why Kiehl decommitted. Again, all speculation and I can't see this as truthful. Maybe some of it, but as rumors go, there was probably some stretching of the truth.
A couple of NO Shock Jocks (who are on Houston & MS radio - its regional) were joking this morning that all Kiel had to do was watch the game plan against 'Bama and anyone who had a modicum of acumen would bail while they still had a chance. They were commenting that even the LSU Co-Eds are questioning Miles (actually, LSU Co-Eds can give any football fans anywhere a run for the money in football knowledge).

They brought up the SI analysis on how poorly Miles has done with the very considerable talent he has recruited at QB.