Wisconsin got run 59-41. They are now 1-3 in the conference and likely headed out of the top 25. Defense is fine...in fact it's extremely important. But so is the ability to score the ball. Altman used to always hard on defense saying "there are nights when the shots won't fall and you'll need to win the game with defense." The same holds true the other way. You cannot expect to hold teams to 45 points every night. There will be nights where the other team "can't miss". One thing that I've heard Doc say recently where I actually will say he's right is that they have to be able to get to the line more. Wisco was outscored 17-2 at the line today. Wisco's inability to score is going to make for a long season if they don't figure it out. You MUST have good offense to be a good team.

PSU/Indiana was a 2 point game in the last minute. PSU should still be a win for NU but NU better be ready.