I used to swap specific predictions with friends (based on tendencies, both good and bad, of players or coaches) So at the risk of being called a non fan I'll offer a few and see who else has one or two.

1: In the first quarter the Huskers will consistently hit the SC running back at the line of scrimmage. Those plays will result in an average gain of 4 yards

2: LaVonte David will have double digit tackle game, but so will Will Compton

3: A running back NOT named Rex Burkhead will have a run of 25 yards.

4: Andrew Green will be consistently in position and still give up one big play. I think he makes a big one too.

5: Bo will stalk the sideline and spin in a confused circle at one point throw his hands in the air then to his hips when the defense blows an assignment and he can't find Carl ANYWHERE! JP, I feel, will be much better at hiding on the sideline.

6: I predict 3 Steve Spurrier visor spikes as he watches a quarterback (tmagic) not befitting his chuck and duck style make quick reads against his D.

7: Our D gets pressure early, but rarely brings their qb down (only 2 sacks I think).

8: NU wins on a late Brett Maher fg of 53 yards.

Disclaimer: All predictions are wrong. When they aren't wrong, it is because I'm a genius and know everything there is to know.