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Thread: **NEW Vincent Valentine Update**

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    **NEW Vincent Valentine Update**

    "It was a great place, great facilities and great coaches. I loved the team mates there they opened up to me." Valentine said of his visit to Nebraska last weekend

    "Coach said I definitely can play early my first year if I went in with light weight. They talk about that I can play in the Big 10. They like how big of guy I'm and can clog up the middle. They like my speed too, the way I use my hands. I make plays." Valentine said

    For more recruiting news PLEASE visit:

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    Great stuff as guys run a great site....go their often for news... And its free..
    Notre Dame only had one Rudy but Nebraska gets a new crop of Rudys every season

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    Interesting comment about playing if he came at "light weight". He looks a little chubby to me. I could picture him in 4 years at the same or less weight, but much trimmer.

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