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Thread: Ehlers Slips Up

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    Ehlers Slips Up

    Nothing ground breaking, just an MIP.

    But, considering he JUST got to the mound last weekend, this is unfortunate. Mike Anderson hasn't yet said whether or not he'll pitch this weekend.

    Nebraska pitcher Logan A. Ehlers, 19, of Nebraska City, was among five students issued tickets for being minors in possession of alcohol early Friday morning in Schramm Hall, a dormitory on the University of Nebraska-Lincoln's downtown campus.

    UNL Police Sgt. Dave Dibelka said police were summoned to the residence hall at 1:45 a.m. because of a complaint about noise.
    NU baseball coach Mike Anderson said the matter was being handled internally. He did not say if Ehlers would be pitching in NU's three-game series that starts Saturday against Kansas State.

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    Wow, not very solid thinking on his part. The team is scraping the bottom of the conference and he is drinking in the dorm. Pretty selfish act. Of course, Captain Integrity, MA, is fighting for his job, so what would be an immediate suspension is now something that is being "handled internally"

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    Stupid move but how may other Students that are not Student Athletes are doing the same thing on a reg basis? Interesting that in the story of this arrest only ONE of the students involve were named. I am not supporting that it was OK and I understand that with the status of being an athlete comes added responsibility but to some extent there is a double standard. On a Positive note at least he was at "home" and not out driving.....

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