Let's see...

Cleveland currently leads the AL Central... with the Royals and White Sox in 2nd. The Twins are in last place.

Baltimore leads the AL East -- with the best ERA in baseball. The Red Sox are tied with Tampa (and Houston) with the worst record in the majors.

AL West seems to be following expectations. Texas is very good.

The Phillies lead the NL East, as expected... but maybe not quite as I thought they would (their bats are actually better than their pitching right now).

In the NL Central, the Reds look legitimate again. Silly me for thinking otherwise. They have a great, young nucleus -- much as Philly did 5-6 years ago. Pujols and his Cards are struggling. King Albert is off to the worst start of his career.

The Rockies lead the West (I picked 'em to win the division). The Giants are currently tied for last (but only a couple of games back).