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  • Rejected Names for Bo Pelini's Cat

    Nebraska held their annual spring Red-White scrimmage today. The highlight of the day happened before the game started. Head Coach Bo Pelini lead the team out for their traditional Tunnel Walk carrying a cat.

    Yes. A football coach with a reputation for being surly carried a cat onto the field in front of 61,000 fans. And then proceeded to hold it up in the air Lion King style.

    The video can be seen here.

    Here is the quick back story: There is a Bo Pelini parody account on Twitter (@fauxpelini) that is brilliant and hilarious. The avatar Faux Pelini uses is Bo's face Photoshopped onto a guy in a sweater holding a cat. Bo has used Twitter to respond to Faux, and their tweets usually center around the cat. So far in 2014, Bo has taken the cat on a recruiting trip, and the cat has hung out with Nebraska's National Championship trophies.

    But do we really know the cat's name? The Internet appears to have settled on Bo Purrini (which, of course has its own Twitter account). Some hard-nosed investigative reporting by the Omaha World-Herald shows that the feline Bo raised to the Husker heavens is actually named Anya.

    But my sources within the NU Athletic Department tell me that cat previously had some other names that went through a vigorous in-house screening but were ultimately rejected. Fortunately, I found their list next to a urinal trough in the south stadium:

    • Tomcat Osborne

    • Steve Purrdersen

    • Cornish Rex Burkhead

    • Thank God @fauxpelini didnít use a snake in his avatar

    • Tabby Frazier

    • John Purrpusschis

    • Nine (lives for the cat, wins for Bo)

    • Kat Purrbstreit

    • Jeff Meowkavicka

    • Kitty Bell

    • Court Ordered Therapy Animal QX935-K

    • Ameow Abdullah

    Dave Feit is a freelance writer living in Lincoln. Additional thoughts on the Huskers (and everything else) can be found on his blog ( Follow him on Twitter or on Facebook.

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    1. Red Dead Redemption's Avatar
      Bo Felini?
    1. Red Dead Redemption's Avatar
      Bobcat Devany?
    1. Red Dead Redemption's Avatar
      Cat Bo-llou?
    1. Red Dead Redemption's Avatar
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