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    "A wise person has long ears and a short tongue."
    German Proverb


    Anyone who thought Bo Pelini was going to be booed as he entered Memorial Stadium Saturday afternoon doesn't know Husker fans very well. First, and foremost, the Husker football program is bigger-much bigger than any one player, assistant coach, head coach, AD, Chancellor or anyone else you can name.. This program has survived decades of miserable losses, bad coaches, out of control players and incompetent athletic directors. And you know what? The Husker football program will continue to thrive long after Bo and all of us are long gone.

    An f-bomb laden head coach's rant will be quickly lost in the rear view mirror of Husker history. Fageddaboutit.

    Saturday, it was business as usual (for the most part) for Husker fans who, as everyone knows by now, were dissed two years ago by Bo Pelini in an audio tape recently made public.

    Former Pelini players (as expected) came go his defense this past week, pledging their undying loyalty to a coach they believe was railroaded unjustly

    So Husker fans for the moment are in a forgiving mood. Hey, he who is without sin, cast the first stone, right?


    I'm all for forgiving. No prob-lame-oh. It's the right thing to do. But what took me aback at least a little, was the almost canonizing of Bo Pelini. Making him out to be a 21st century Jean Valjean is a bit of a stretch.

    In the end, I believe Bo will be judged more for his performances on the field than off.

    I' won't devote much time reviewing this game. Pounding weak team (okay, so the Bunnies hung tough with NU in 2010) into submission doesn't really mean all that much. (Okay, so the Bunnies hung tough with NU in 2010. But still...)

    Except the following:
    Tommy Armstrong. I know, it wasn't UCLA or Wisconsin the Huskers beat up Saturday, but TA and his more than capable replacement former Omaha Westside Warrior, Ron Kellogg III, performed very well.

    You wonder that if (when?) #3 has a bad series if Beck (Pelini) will hesitate to summon TA? And why not? TA is the future. If he doesn't get any meaningful PT this fall, NU will enter next fall with an unproven, untested and inexperienced QB. Not a good thing for a coach who may be on the hot seat. Look, I'm just sayin...

    Perhaps the offensive play of the day was Terrell Newby's 10 yard third quarter TD run. I swear the kid was in anti-gravity mode. Nice play, #34!

    The defensive play? My choice is Randy Gregory's pick six. The dude at 6'6" and 230 is as agile as a tight end. And he'd make a great one. The dude is fast, strong and big.


    The off week comes at a good time. It gives the Huskers two weeks to prepare for the fighting Illini who come to Lincoln October 5th. And no, the Huskers shouldn't take them or any other opponent lightly this year,.

    Unit the Husker D can stop somebody-ANYbody, it needs to find a way to grow up in a hurry.

    I never thought I'd live to see the day that So. California, Texas and Nebraska are unranked in the Top 25 and Baylor, Louisville, Northwestern, Fresno State and Mississippi are. And that ESPN's College Game Day would be in Fargo, North Dakota?

    What the bleep is going on here?

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