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    All is quiet in Lincolnville. Bo Pelini is still the Husker head coach and the planets are in alignment.. Fortunately for Husker fans, coaches, the University and the football program, "Bleep-Gate" had a short shelf life. That a two year old recording would have the impact it did, is surprising. But if the head coach on that tape is Bo Pelini and he's is dissing Husker fans, it's a horse of a different color.

    But that behavior was the Bo of old. The "New" Bo, while still imperfect is light years ahead of where he used to be.

    Bottom line: The University handled the matter swiftly and, in my view, correctly. And that anyone would be surprised that Bo Pelini would ever drop f-bombs in public should be about as surprised as Captain Renault when he said, "I'm shocked, shocked to find gambling is going on here!"

    My only concern is that there are no other tapes. That would be too bleeping bad.


    Here are some thoughts on Saturday's loss to UCLA.

    1.) There were three plays that really changed the game for the Huskers:

    a.) The missed tackle of UCLA QB Brett Hundley on a third and long, late in the second quarter. BH picked up the first down and enabled the Bruins to score a TD and head to the locker room down 21-10.

    b.) Taylor Martinez's decision to go with a deep sideline pass on 3rd and 4 in the third quarter. TM had a running lane as wide as the Platte River and could have easily (even with his turf toe) picked up the first down or a TD. Instead, it was another lost scoring opportunity.

    c.) Ameer Abdullah's 4th quarter fumble deep in UCLA territory.

    Those three plays could have resulted in 14 more points for Nebraska and 7 fewer for the Bruins, for a 21-point swing. And the Huskers lost by 20. Yes, I know, there was the fumbled Bruin punt snap in the second quarter that led to a Husker TD and SJB's first-quarter interception that gave the Huskers a short field, but I'm just sayin'...

    2.) Once Bruin HC Jim Mora knew TM wasn't going to run the ball, he loaded the box with 8-10 guys, daring TM to beat them with his arm. And he didn't.

    3.) If TM was not anywhere near 100%, why wasn't either Tommy Armstrong or Ron Kellogg III put in? What do you have to lose? The Huskers went 0-8 in possessions in the second half. It seems to me that by playing TA, you're giving him some valuable snaps which could be helpful next fall.

    4.) Bo's reaction to Tommie Frazier's comments after the game was a lot better than it would have been two or three years ago. But Bo had to add his "We don't need him" comment. Bo needs to know when to keep his yapper under control. Just say, "I'm sorry he (Frazier) feels that way, but we're doing the best we can." And then be done with it. End of story.

    5.) And speaking of TF's comments. Tommie has the right to say whatever he pleases, but as a head coach, he had a less than stellar record at Doane College (3-17).

    6.) Husker fans mass exodus. If it can be said that somebody like Tommie Fraizier "has earned the right to criticize the Husker football program", then don't Husker fans have that same right? I mean, they sit in weather that ranges from Death Valley to Siberia (sometimes in the same day). They endure rain, thunder, lightning, sleet and snow. They miss weddings, funerals and anniversaries to attend Husker games. So haven't they, too, earned the right to show their disdain? By leaving games early, many Husker fans are showing their displeasure with a sub-standard product.

    7.) The Jackrabbits are smelling blood this week. They think the Huskers have been too distracted that they are vulnerable. The Huskers are going to get SDSU's best shot. Just remember two years ago. Does a Husker 17-3 win ring a bell?

    8.) Let's hope there's a little boredom in Husker Pride Worldwide during the off week. Boring is looking pretty good.

    9.) That UCLA had a lot of yardage on the Huskers Saturday should have come as no surprise to Husker fans. I thought the score might be 42-35 Huskers. With all the new faces on defense, all they can do is get better.

    10.) When will the Huskers stop shooting themselves in the foot with dropped passes, stupid penalties, fumbles and missed tackles? The problem with youth and inexperience is one thing, but when your upperclassmen are doing it, something needs to change.

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      "But that behavior was the Bo of old. The "New" Bo, while still imperfect is light years ahead of where he used to be. "

      Hopefully, though would any of us put it past him to say something like: "The Fans? Well, if the fans feel that way well, we don't need them."

      I hope you are right, time will tell.
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