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    It's a little like wrestling a gorilla. You don't quit when you're tired -- you quit when the gorilla is tired.
    Robert Strauss

    Maybe the worst thing to come out of Saturday night's win over the 30 point underdog Wyoming Cowboys was the admission by several Husker players after the game that they had "lost their focus."



    There's no way of knowing how many players felt this way or how many of them were playing defense. But one thing is certain: This Husker team isn't that good to overlook any opponent on its schedule. In fact, in the last three games, NU has given up more than a mile of real estate and an astonishing 49.6 points per game.

    It was obvious Saturday night that the Wyoming gorilla never did quit.

    So how did the Cowboys, who last year went 4-8 and are picked this year to finish fifth in the Mountain West Conference behind such powerhouses as Colorado State and Air Force, come to Lincoln and come within one play of winning? How can this be?

    Actually, it's happen before.

    Years ago, another Wyoming team came to Lincoln as a huge underdog and, like Saturday, refused to fold under the pressure of Memorial Stadium. Not only did they not fold, they led after one quarter, 14-0, and 21-14 at the half. And by game's end, the Cowboys had racked up almost 350 passing yards. Sure, they ended up losing that year, 42-32, but they sure put a scare in the mighty Huskers in that game.

    And which Husker team did they pressure that day?

    The answer? The 1994 Nebraska team. Yup, the one that got Tom Osborne his first NC. The one that beat Miami in the '95 Orange Bowl. The one with Tommie Frazier and Brook Berringer at QB. The one with Lawrence Phillips at I-back. The one with the Peter Brothers, Jared Tomich, and Mike Minter on defense. Yes THAT one.

    And here's the kicker. The '94 Cowboys ended that season at 6-6. Yes, that's right, 6-6.

    Am I saying the Huskers are going to win a NC this year? No. But judging the Huskers after Saturday's game is a bit premature.

    Friday night at the
    Rococo Theatre in beautiful downtown Lincoln, Nebraska, I watched the Lincoln premiere of Ryan Tweedy's "Through These Gates" movie with 550 of my closest friends. I sat with Husker Superfan, Bill Moran, who, with his buddy, Charlie, drove 19 hours from Pottsville, Pennsylvania, to take in the weekend's activities in Lincoln. (Note to Ryan Tweedy: If you make "Gates II," Bill Moran needs to be in it.)

    It's people like Bill who are why Ryan made this film.

    "Gates" title comes from the inscription that greets everyone who enters Memorial Stadium: "Through These Gates Pass the Greatest Fans in College Football."

    At last, a movie for and about the people like you and I -- Husker fans who for decades have been the heart and soul of the Nebraska football program.

    Sure, there are lots of movies and books about Husker championship teams, players and coaches, but now there is one dedicated to all of us.

    "Gates" is a must see for any Husker fan. Come to think of it, it's a perfect gift even for those people (and you know who you are) who don't understand our passion for the Huskers.

    Yes, copies of the DVD are available, but I would strongly urge that you first see it in a theater with as many other Husker fans as you can. There are laughs, tears and cheers. Do NOT miss this one.

    The great part is that David Max ( and Ryan Tweedy have made this film available to any charitable or community organization to help them raise money For information and a schedule of the showings, go to

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