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  • Through These Gates Western Nebraska Screenings

    The North Platte screening was held at the Touchdown Club on Sunday, August 24th and a small crowd was in attendance. Proceeds from the event were donated to Husker Greats and a local North Platte non-profit. We had a great time staying with Tim and Lori Jorgensen and spent time in their hot tub and enjoyed a great Nebraska porterhouse steak BBQ which served as our North Platte Mom and Pop One of dining location. Tim is a childhood friend and our parents took us both to Husker games when we were young. Special thanks to Butch Rasmussen who made a best effort to get local organizations involved.

    Max, Rasmussen, Ryan, Irina, Lori and Tim Jorgensen

    People that missed the screening in North Platte can purchase copies of the DVD at the Sports Shoppe in North Platte.

    The Sidney screening on Monday, August 25th also had a small turnout and the proceeds went to the Sidney Boy Scouts. The surprise of the evening for me was running into John Ganzer who lived a block away from me in Ainsworth from 1965 to 1967. John has been a coach at Sidney for over 30 years. The Mom and Pop One Of dining location in Sidney was Oye Grill which is another authentic Mexican restaurant in Nebraska.

    People that missed the screening can purchase copies of the DVD from Dana Reece by calling him at 308-249-6869.

    The Chadron screening on Tuesday, August 26th had close to 100 in attendance including two more former Ainsworth High School classmates, Jerry Shumacher and Don Frieda who I have also not seen in several years. This was my first time visiting Chadron and Jerry gave me a tour of the town and the campus. We auction off the Vince Ferragamo/Dave Humm football, books, Chipotle Burrito Bucks, and Wilson Creek Almond Champagne whenever we have 100 in attendance and it sold for $130 which was a real bargain for the winner. Special thanks to Roger Stevens who organized the event on behalf of the Chadron High School booster club.

    The Wednesday showing was in Jeff Kinney’s home town of McCook and was lightly attended. The Thursday showing was at Ogallala at the Prairie Theater with dinner at the Elks Lodge. Chad Baney was our host took us on a quick tour of Lake McConaghay, Boot Hill and the Petrified Forest Museum. Our Mom and Pop One Of dining experience was a unique on at Ole’s in Paxton where all kinds of animals are on display and a polar bear greets you when you walk in the door. We ate below the open mouth of an elephant. We met the owner who is also a Nebraska season ticket holder.

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      Oh sure. The elephant gets all the love!
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      When will the rest of the schedule be complete? Many businesses rely on this information for business cards.
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