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  • Through These Gates Alliance Screening

    The Alliance, Nebraska screening of Through These Gates was held on Friday, August 23rd at the Alliance High School Performing Arts center for 287 Husker fans. The screening sponsor was William Hall of Sam and Louie's Pizza to benefit the Alliance High School Women's Basketball team. Their famous alum Jordan Hooper was in attendance and will be heading to Lincoln soon for her senior year with the Husker Women's Basketball team.

    This screening had a special memory for me as it is the home town of the Husker Elvises - Larry, Steve, Ron and Gerry Brew. Steve was also Jordan's coach in grade school and inducted Larry the Cable Guy into the Husker Elvis fan club before passing away suddenly a few years ago after performing a Husker Elvis gig in Alliance. He always told me whenever he saw me that he was "Just living the dream, David, just living the dream." His presence was felt tonight and it was a pleasure for me to meet many of his friends tonight.

    The total raised for the Women's Basketball program was around $2,400 which keeps us on our goal to raise $100,000 for local organizations by Thanksgiving. Local radio KCOW ran a program about the screening and we received a lot of support from the Alliance Chamber of Commerce and Dixie Nelson. Special thanks to Dan Kusek, former Mayor of Alliance, who put us up at his home for the past two nights and William Hall for showing us around town this afternoon.

    A highlight of the afternoon was getting to see Barry Harris' Husker Shrine at Harris Sales. Barry also made the event a success by being the high bidder on the Vince Ferragamo/Dave Humm football auction and the original oil painting at the silent auction. The Mom and Pop One Of dining was done at Homestead Diner and at Sam and Louies after the screening.

    I will post some pictures on the way to Denver in the morning. Saturday's screening will be at 2 PM in Westminster and we will be in North Platte on Sunday at 2 PM.
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    1. Lesley Presley's Avatar
      Lesley Presley -
      Thanks David! Alliance was a great small city to spend our youth learning about life. The 'Brew Crew' will always have fond memories of growing up in Alliance.
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