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  • Interview with D.J. Foster

    D.J. Foster of Lincoln Southeast is the top-ranked prospect in the state of Nebraska for the class of 2014. Foster, a consensus four-star recruit, is the highest regarded offensive lineman to come out of the state since Baker Steinkuhler graduated from Lincoln Southwest in 2008. Foster is one of the best interior linemen in the country and is arguably the top offensive line target of the Huskers for this class. I had the opportunity to interview D.J. in an attempt to gain some insight into his recruiting experience. The following is a transcript from that:

    Q: What kind of things do you do for fun?

    A: I draw and hangout with my friends from school.

    Q: At what age did you start playing football?

    A:I started playing football at the age of 10.

    Q: What was your favorite college team growing up?

    A:My favorite college team growing up was Alabama.

    Q: Have a favorite NFL Team?

    A: My favorite team would have to be the Atlanta Falcons.

    Q: Which is better, the NFL or college?

    A: College, everyday.

    Q: Do you try and emulate any specific player?

    A: No, I just try and be myself and play to my potential.

    Q: Any particular reason for the jersey number (#67)?

    A: No, it was just my freshman number and I feel as though it fits me.

    Q: Are you happy the NCAA is going to a playoff, or did you prefer the BCS system?

    A: I just want to be able to see how it goes, but I did like the BCS system.

    Q: When and who was your first scholarship offer?

    A: I received my first scholarship offer during the spring of my sophomore year from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

    Q: How many scholarship offers do you currently have?

    A: I currently have 9 offers and hoping for more.

    Q: Is there a school that hasn't offered you that you would like to see do so?

    A: I would hope that UCLA and Alabama offer this summer.

    Q: What are some of the considerations you have when deciding between schools?

    A: The school must have a high percentage of scholar athletes who end up with their degrees. The school has to have a lengthy background of winning throughout its history. The school should have good facilities.

    Q: Who are the schools currently on your list for consideration? Any leader(s)?

    A: I haven't figured out my top five yet, but I will by July.

    Q: Who is currently recruiting you the hardest?

    A: Nebraska and Iowa State

    Q: Do you pay attention to the recruiting momentum of the teams you are considering?

    A: Not really.

    Q: Did you attend any schools Spring Game?

    A: Only Nebraska, to see my brother (Trey) play for the first time as a tight end.

    Q: Do you plan on attending any camps or combines this summer?

    A:I might go to a few camps, but nothing has been decided.

    Q: Have you thought about who you might want to use your official visits on?

    A: Florida and Georgia for now.

    Q: What positions are you being recruited to play?

    A: offensive guard

    Q: What position would you prefer to play in college?

    A: Offensive and defensive line; both are great with me.

    Q: What do you feel are some of your playing strengths?

    A: My physical playing style, how I finish blocks, and my quick feet.

    Q: What are some things you would like to work on between now and college?

    A: My overall speed, endurance, strength and my foot placement.

    Q: How would you feel about Redshirting?

    A: Whatever the coaches feel would be better for me in the long-run, I'm okay with.

    Q: What is the most annoying aspect of the recruiting process?

    A: Having to call coaches and talking to them on facebook all of the time.

    Q: Do you have a major in mind?

    A: Something that involves blueprints and my own office.

    Q: What are your goals for your senior season?

    A: To make it to State without doubts in anyone's mind that we are going to win.

    Q: Do you have any individual goals for your college career?

    A: Just to be able to say I got everything I could out of the experience.

    Q: What do you think you will miss most about high school?

    A: That I was able to play with my friends that I grew up with and have known since I was little, all the way through high school together.

    Q: What is the craziest recruiting pitch you have heard so far?

    A: You can use
    the next four years you are here and turn them into the best years in school history.

    Q: Do you have a time frame as to when you would like to commit?

    A: I would like to commit at the end of summer. But if I don't have it completely figured out, I will wait until after State is over to make my decision.

    Q: In addition to National Letter of Intent Day in February, should there be an early signing period like college basketball has?

    A: No, I think that the National Letter of Intent day in February is the day that kids can feel special with the rest of their teammates that are signing on to play college football.

    Q: Have you communicated with any prospective recruits about attending the same school?

    A: No

    Q: What are 3 things on your Bucket List?

    A: 1. To have a piece of my art put in a museum. 2. To have a chance to make it to the NFL and start at least one game. 3. To feel as though I have made it successfully.

    Q: Who has been the biggest influence in your life?

    A: My grandfathers, father and brother.

    Prior to contributing to HuskerMax, Jeremy Pernell co-founded the all football website He served as the editor in chief of the college football portion of the website which focused heavily on recruitment and talent analysis, including the NFL Draft. You can email him at

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