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  • 2013 HuskerMax Tailgates

    Spring football is under way and anticipation is high for next fall. We are looking for sponsors for our 2013 tailgates which we have hosted for the past several years at the parking lot just south of the old Gold's building in Lincoln. Here are some photos from a couple of games last year.



    Sponsors that support our tailgate will receive the following.

    ** Food and drink for 4 hours prior to each of the 8 home games this season for their employees and guests.
    ** Signage at the tailgate location that is viewed by everyone driving north on 10th street toward the stadium.
    ** Promotion on HuskerMax on the BBS, text links on the front page, and our email database.
    ** Banner advertising on HuskerMax.
    ** Promotional table at the tailgate location to deliver your branding message to the HuskerMax BBS members that attend.

    Sponsorships are available for up to 250 people in increments of 25. If you are interested in having a turn key solution for you tailgating needs for your companies employees and guests please contact me by email at and include your contact phone number and the name of your company.
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    1. Skunkman1's Avatar
      Skunkman1 -
      Since my corn has always been free for everyone, am I a sponsor?
    1. 215Husker's Avatar
      215Husker -
      Dave, what is the donation level?
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