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    Are you ready for a test of your Husker sports trivia knowledge as you get ready for the college bowl season? No? Well, I'm going to give the &^%! test to you any way. Good'll need it.
    1.) How many times has Bo Pelini said, "and-ah" in his press conferences this year?
    a.) 244
    b.) 596
    c,) Close to the amount of the US national debt
    2.) How many points will the Georgia Bulldogs score in the Capital One Bowl game?
    a.) 244
    b.) 596
    c.) Close to the amount of the US national debt
    3.) Instead of enduring another butt kicking by another good football team like Georgia in the Capital One Bowl, you'd rather see the Huskers play:
    a.) Idaho State
    b.) Florida Atlantic
    c.) University of Colorado
    d.) University of Nebraska at Omaha

    4.) Wolf Blitzer is:
    a.) An anchor on CNN

    b.) A WWII German fighter pilot
    c.) One of John Papuchis' new defensive packages
    3.) Christian Peter is:
    a.) A former Husker D-lineman
    b.) Jason's brother
    c.) A religious anatomical reference
    4.) Barbara Walters' favorite football team is:
    a.) Texas Tech Red Raiders
    b.) Gretna Dragons
    c.) The Los Angeles Lakers
    d.) All the above
    5.) Twelve O'clock High is: a.) A classic WWII movie
    b.) The kickoff time for the Capital One Bowl
    c.) Lunch with Willie Nelson
    6.) A Precipice is:
    a.) A fork in the road
    b.) A dangerous cliff
    c.) What you have to do when you have bad kidneys...
    7.) Nanny State is:
    a.) A government cradle to grave belief
    b.) A goat ranch
    c.) The Huskers' 2017 home opener
    8.) High Tech is:
    a.) A reference to leading edge technology
    b.) A basketball school
    c.) A new college in Colorado
    9.) Senior Day is:
    a.) The last home game when players get recognized for their playing days
    b.) A football game where old people are honored
    c.) Mrs. Day's husband
    10.) A Warrior is:
    a.) A fighter
    b.) An NBA team
    c.) Rece Davis' legal adviser
    11.) A Silent Count is:
    a.) When the center snaps the ball to the QB without any verbal help
    b.) The way a football official keeps track of how many players are on the field
    c.) A vampire with laryngitis
    12. Scarlet & Cream
    a.) The Huskers' official colors
    b.) A group of UNL singers
    c.) How Rhett Butler likes his morning coffee
    13.) Bowling Green is:
    a.) A town in Ohio
    b.) A university in Ohio
    c.) A sport you do when you're smashed
    13. A Trap Play is:
    a.) An offensive football play designed to fool defense
    b.) A thing to play at parties
    c.) A musical starring Julie Andrews
    14.) Bo Pelini's book he just wrote is called:
    a.) "Dressing For Success"
    b.) "How To Get The Media On Your Side"
    c.) "100 Ways to Improve Your Elocution"
    15.) A Tie Game is one that:
    a.) Ends with both teams having the same number of points
    b.) Results in an overtime
    c.) Is played in Bangkok

    Knock knock.
    Who's there?
    Caviar who?
    Caviar self a Merry Little Christmas.


    Husker fans, here's your chance to help someone you love who is serving in the U.S. Armed Forces. And it won't cost you or the trooper one penny.

    HDA was established 7 years ago as a way to send Husker Care packages to men and women deployed in the Middle East. Here's how it works. To register a trooper for HDA, we need to know his/her name, APO address, dates of deployment, email address and what the trooper's connection is to the state of Nebraska and/or the Husker football team.

    The Husker Care packages contain such Husker memorabilia as T-shirts, media guides, caps, sweatshirts etc. The Red Zone in Omaha ( takes care of all the shipping and handling of the boxes.

    And with the help of the University of Nebraska, we can also provide your favorite trooper game day DVDs of all Husker football games during the football season. Just send the information to me at: To date, HDA has provided a touch of home to 100s of troopers.

    If you'd like to contribute to Husker Dan's Army, send your contributions to:
    Gary McGirr
    Husker Fans Salute The Troops
    3610 SW Woodvalley Terrace
    Topeka, KS 66614

    We are already planning next year's "Salute" event that will for the sixth straight year provide a weekend (October 12-13th) of Husker football for veterans, troopers and their families. We provide 100 rooms at the Cornhusker Hotel in Lincoln. There is a tour of the UNL athletic facilities, a special Tunnel Walk experience and even a Husker Football Watch Party (Nebraska at Purdue) on Saturday, October 12th. The following day, we will honor the veterans and troopers at a special Sunday buffet. Please go to our web site ( to get information about registration and how to contribute to this great cause.

    And remember, there is still time to get a tax deduction (Salute is a 5013(c) organization) for this tax year. God Bless our troops and their families.

    Merry Christmas to all and may you have a healthy, happy and blessed New Year.

    You can contact the writer at

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