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  • This Just In...Michigan Commentary

    This Just In…
    Nebraska’s D strikes a nerve, ties up shoelace.
    Huskers pull away 23-9

    Want a good Reed? Check out ‘From Marlowe to Afro’ a story about a big heart and big hair…

    Let’s imagine, for a minute, that the above mentioned book were written. What would it contain? Sure there is the easy story of how Kenny Bell has put himself in line to be one of the Husker greats, or how Tim Marlowe’s work ethic earned him a scholarship.

    One might point to a chapter of how to grow a glorious, yet sometimes hard to manage afro, along with a Where’s Waldo type game challenging you to find obscure split ends of the past such as Reggie Baul, Cory Dixon and Wilson Thomas.

    Upon closer review, we would also see smaller, albeit possibly more important things such as how Jamal Turner has worked himself on and off the field, then back on it. How Quincy has turned into a bruising blocker-one that even Osborne himself would approve of.

    Other stories that tickle our brains with an in depth review of a position, which for many years has not been a strong suit of prior Husker teams.

    Somewhat lost in the mix is the receiving prowess out of the tight end position. Sure Reed and Cotton both have over 10 catches and a pair of TD’s each, but in an offense that thinks run first, there are only so many balls that can be distributed.

    Fisher and Co. have done an outstanding job in both recruiting and developing some really nice players and has this receiving corps poised to become the most prolific unit that NU has ever seen.

    Not only have we seen a lift in play from that position, but we can also see the peaked interest from recruits who will no longer view Nebraska as a graveyard for wide receivers.

    Yes, there will be periods of mental lapses and mistakes, not unlike Turner’s failed attempt to locate the ball on the fade route in the back of the end zone, which landed harmlessly on the turf, forcing a field goal attempt.

    Look for those things to be less and less frequent as this group develops and matures.
    For now, we will just have to wait and see what legacy this group will leave behind.

    After all, the afro was a mainstay and synonymous with disco, then one day it vanished. Hair today, gone tomorrow—nah that’s just your Jive Talkin…

    “Awe isn’t that cute. You kids look just like Blackshirts”…

    The doorbell rings. Yes it is that time again—Halloween. That time when you spend entirely too much on the already overpriced good candy (cause we all remember those houses with the bad candy).

    Time to watch as dozens of overly anxious kids will dress up in any number of costumes, ready to plunder the plethora of chocolate and sugar that neighboring houses harbor.

    You expect to make that monotonous trip back and forth from your couch to the front door as an endless supply of undead creatures, princesses and ninja’s litter your porch.

    Now, imagine if you will, that on one of these occasions you answered and before you stood eleven very large and mean looking teenagers and twenty-something’s adorned in black jerseys. Now before you reach for your .45 in your holster, take a closer look.

    These are not your average trick-or-treaters, and they are not looking for a few Snickers and Milky Ways. No, they are searching for young unsuspecting freshman quarterbacks making their first appearance in front of 85k loud and frenzied fans right in the heart of Memorial Stadium.

    For a good part of the game, our Huskers partied like it was 2009. Michigan could do nothing but hope that Nebraska would make a mistake (which they did several times with turnovers and penalties). While this group will not be mistaken for what may have been our best defensive unit ever, they have, over the last two games, helped carry this team to victory.

    After knocking Robinson out in the second quarter, the feeding frenzy was on. The fresh faced Michigan quarterbacks looked perplexed and scared as Bo and Co. threw everything except the kitchen sink at the kid.

    The result? Zero for is first 11 attempts. In fact, Bellomy nearly completed more passes to NU defenders (3) than he did his own team (4). The defense was playing with fire and confidence—some of which we haven’t seen over the last two years.

    Credit the coaching staff for being able to change on the fly—no one anticipated Shoelace going down, but when he did, Nebraska went for the kill. The front four provided the pressure, and the secondary looked like an all-American unit blanketing receivers and leaving Bellomy little choice but to wing it and pray.

    Even before Robinson went out, I thought the Blackshirts played well, containing him and not allowing him to beat us with his feet. Sure he had all day to find the open man, but I do not think he would have been able to do it consistently enough over the course of the game to outscore us.

    If this defense can go into the last four games of the season with the same confidence and swagger, there is no reason to think that Nebraska will not run the table. After watching Michigan State scratch out a win over Wisconsin, you get the feeling that we have a real chance at winning a very weak BIG this year.

    I hope it was not a one night costume party—so just tell Bo that he can go ahead and hand them out. They have earned it this week…

    In Conclusion…

    As stated earlier, Nebraska is now in command of the Legends (aka non-criminal) division and controls its own destiny. Win the next four and you can stamp your ticket to the B1G Championship game.

    Heck, as poorly as the B1G has performed this year, it is not out of the question that a 6-2 or even 5-3 record takes the division. That of course is not what we would want—backing into the title game is never a good thing, ask Solich and his 2001 team—we all know how that ended up.

    All the grumblings about this coaching staff can be dissipated with a strong finish. Will the detractors calm down if Bo can win the B1G title and put Nebraska back in a BCS bowl game for the first time in over ten years? I, for one, am not on the side that thinks we need to replace our coach.

    While we need improved play on both sides of the ball, I think Bo is the right fit for us and he is learning as time goes on. Will that correspond to a national title next year? Not likely, but winning the conference this year and putting Nebraska back in the national picture will not only help this team’s confidence, but also on the recruiting circuit.

    Next up is a reeling Michigan State team, who at one point was ranked as high as #9. Things have fallen apart quickly in East Lansing. This team still has a very nasty defense and Nebraska will need to reawaken its running game and score touchdowns instead of settling for field goals and not allow a scrappy Spartan team to hang around.

    I read somewhere that the first to 14 wins this game. While that may not be far from the truth, I get the feeling that with what this team has endured over the last few weeks, they will go in and set the tone early and pocket a comfortable 24-10 victory.

    Everything is still out there and in reach. Will anyone even remember the UCLA or Ohio State losses if this team goes 12-2 or 11-3? Winning cures a lot of things, and when it comes to Nebraska football, winning is the expectation, and those who can accomplish that are placed on a pedestal—and Bo has a chance.
    The time is now—take this opportunity and cash it in.



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      I love your style of writing. I'm pretty sure I'm your biggest fan. =)
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      That was good bro
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