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    After last week's column about Nebraska's 30-13 loss to South Carolina in the Capital One Bowl and the furor surrounding Bo Pelini's sideline meltdown, Husker fans wrote me, expressing their displeasure with Pelini.

    That Husker fans would be upset after a poor showing in a bowl game is understandable. But fans' anger with Bo didn't just begin with the South Carolina game.

    Here's a letter from a Husker fan that was typical of those I received.

    Dear Husker Dan,
    Won't take up much of your time, but just wanted to agree totally 100% with your article yesterday. Your comments mirror my thoughts exactly. My wife and I have been season ticket-holders and donate thousands of dollars to the athletic program annually going on 50 years now and I am so embarrassed by Bo Pelini's antics on the sidelines, with the press, and with booster groups. I do not question his football knowledge, but I do question his maturity, his focus, his leadership, and ultimately his ability to handle all of the responsibilities that go along with being a head coach at a Division I football program. How can he lead a football team when he is too concerned about arguing with a referee for three plays after the infraction he truly focused on the task at hand, which should be several plays down the road? Someone needs to ask Bo if he has ever made an official change a call based on his rantings, ravings, and incessant arguing with him.

    I will forever support the Nebraska Cornhuskers football team and other athletics, but I will not support or defend the actions of our current "Head" Coach. He is at best a very good assistant coach, and if he does not change his ways, he will soon be back in that position.

    Lastly, I cannot imagine that Dr. Osborne will want to retire and leave the football team in its current state, with a coach that is a total embarrassment to the team, the University, and the state. I don't think that is something that he will want to leave as his legacy. I predict that Bo will see the light (aided by Dr. Tom) or he will see the door after next years season. I can only hope!!


    R. S. (transplanted Husker in Hoosier land)

    2011 BOWL RECAP
    Big Ten bowl record (4-6)
    Winners: Purdue, Michigan, Michigan State and Illinois.

    Losers: Nebraska, Wisconsin, Iowa, Ohio State, Penn State and Northwestern.

    NU Opponents' bowl record (2-7)

    The Kevin Cosgrove Memorial Bowl

    (Baylor 67-Washington 56)

    The Alamo Bowl (featuring Heisman winner Robert Griffin III) set the record for total points (123 for a non-OT bowl game), combined yardage (1,397) and Baylor set the all time bowl record for most points scored in a game 67 (66 set by Nebraska in the 2000 Alamo Bowl). And with 777 yards of total offense, Baylor broke the team record for total offense in a bowl game.

    Do you think it's possible that Kevin Cosgrove was the DC for both teams?

    Some of you (and you know who you are) have asked me to write about the Husker men's basketball program. (Do you really want me to reveal my incompetentence in two sports?)

    I will say this about Nebraska (the state) basketball: The two best players in the state are Creighton Bluejays' Doug McDermott and the Lady Huskers' Jordan Hooper.

    As for the men's round ball team at Nebraska, it's sometimes painful to watch. What they lack in talent, they make up for with a lack of speed, height and depth. But there is a glimmer of hope when Penn State comes to Lincoln tonight (1/11/12). The Lions' are bad, but at least they have a conference win. Will Doc Sadler's team be able to get rid of their conference goose egg and send PSU home with a loss? Even with a win tonight, this might not be the best year to be a Husker men's hoop fan.

    You've bought a timeshare in Bosnia.

    You've ever locked the keys in your car while you were in it.

    You think a foul ball is a dance for chickens.

    You drool a lot.

    You've paid a scalper for tickets during the Doc Sadler era.

    During the Moe Iba era.

    The Barry Collier era.

    Any era.

    You miss the days of Barry Collier.

    You actually know who Barry Collier is.

    You once tried to scalp tickets inside the Devaney center.

    You like parking your car in the mud before games.

    You cheer when Nebraska scores more than 50 points in a game.

    A traffic judge once asked you, "Have you ever been up before me?" And you said, "I don't know, what time do you get up?

    You once drove east from Lincoln and decided to turn around when you saw a sign that said, "Omaha Left."

    Here are my pretty, perky, perspicacious, preseason pigskin pix for the 2012 season. Remember, you heard it here first. Note: This year's daunting schedule includes 10 teams that went to bowl games in 2011.

    9/1/12 Southern Miss W (11-2) Last year ruined #6 Houston's undefeated season 49-28 in the Conference USA title game.

    9/8 @UCLA W (6-8) Too bad Skippy Neuweasel is gone. Will it be Mora the same in Pasadena? And will this be the closest the Huskers come to a Rose Bowl invitation this year?

    9/15 Arkansas State W (10-3) Lost to No. Illinois in the Bowl

    9/22 TBA W (13-0) Huskers should beat a good TBA team, especially at home...

    9/29 Wisconsin W (11-3) Ball is back but Wilson ain't.

    10/6 @Ohio State L (6-7) Urban Renewal begins.

    10/13 Bye week

    10/20 @Northwestern W (6-7) Husker Revenge?

    10/27 Michigan L (11-2) Dennard "What's that you say Mrs." Robinson and the Wolverines make a run for the Roses.

    11/03 @Michigan State W (11-3) Cousins and Cunningham are gone, but Sparties will still be good.

    11/10 Penn State W (9-4) The sad saga continues.

    11/17 Minnesota W (3-9) Yumpin' Yimminy! Ole and Lena come to Lincoln.

    11/23 @Iowa W (7-6) Huskers win second annual "Hickoff Classic."

    Michigan (DR makes the difference.)
    Nebraska (Potential defense and QB problems)
    Michigan State (Good team even w/o Cousins)
    Iowa (Loss of Coker and two defensive assistants won't help.)
    Northwestern (May surprise)
    Minnesota (Oh youbetchya!)
    Wisconsin (Even w/o RW, Badgers will smell the Roses.)
    Ohio State (Ineligible for post season play)
    Purdue (Per-don't)
    Penn State (In decline)
    Illinois (New coach)
    Indiana (1-11 in '11)
    B1G Championship Game
    Michigan versus Wisconsin

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