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  • This Just-In…Washington Review

    This Just-In…
    Now don’t be sad…’Cause two out of three ain’t bad.
    Huskers survive defense optional shootout 51-38.

    Player(s) of the Game: Rex Burkhead
    22 car, 120 yds, 2TD

    Today’s special: Extra crispy Husker secondary served with a soft and creamy D-line sauce…

    “Great, I'll take the special with a side of pass rush”. “We are sorry sir, but we are sold out”. “Check back with us in 2012”. Figures-they always sell out of the good stuff early.

    Oh, how we miss Dennard. While the Blackshirts are no where near the 2007 version, it is apparent that our “D” is receding quicker than Bill Murray’s hair line. I wonder how Andrew Green would look with a toupee…hmm-I’m sure he was searching for one after Saturday’s performance. Is the “burnt toast” nickname still retired? Where is the Colonel when you need him…sigh.

    Unlike previous weeks, where we could chalk up the shaky performances due to the disproportionate amount of snaps that our D was involved in, this one rests solely on them. No excuses-this defense is showing to be very ordinary. Seems we got out of the Big 12 just in time. I would not want to be up against Ok State or Baylor this year. Not that we have an easy ride with our murderers row of a schedule in our inaugural season in the Big 10 however.

    I was nice to see Crick turn in a solid performance, but we are starting to see how a strong secondary can turn an average D-Line into an all-world one. There were too many times that we had a bit of pressure, but U-Dub’s emerging sophomore QB sidestepped the pressure and found an all too wide open receiver.

    Lets just face it-right now, our defense is not top ten caliber. Heck through three games, its not even top 25, but on a positive note-there is still a lot of football to be played. We have to trust that Carl and Bo can go back and correct the issues, or come up with a scheme that will suit the players we have to work with. Tougher games and more potent offenses are on the horizon, and you can be sure that they will be bringing their own frying pan-for our sake, we hope it is Teflon coated…

    How much you wanna bet I can throw a football over them mountains?

    Famous words from our beloved Uncle Rico. If you listened closely, you could hear Martinez utter these same words in the huddle. Martinez’s heave and pray approach worked with moderate success, and helped our Huskers take advantage of a few questionable calls to put away a pesky Huskie squad on a misty Saturday afternoon.

    So just how far can we get with Martinez’s moon shots? We all know that the Husker offense will go as Martinez goes. What is more concerning is that the dangerous passes that he delivers will likely get us into trouble down the road. Don’t mind the useless stat that was thrown around during the game (Martinez has not won a game with less than 125 yards of offense) DUH! What QB does win with less than that? That’s like saying Anthony Weiner wouldn’t have been caught if he wouldn’t have taken pictures of his…well you get the point.

    To be fair, Martinez performed admirably turning in a clean game with no turnovers. It was nice to see our offensive line finally blowing people off the ball and allowing Burkhead and his frosh counterparts to snatch up yards faster than your local lawn care company. The O-line dominated when it counted, and made some considerable strides forward. Hopefully it will carry over and continue to build the rest of the season. Otherwise we will have to resort to taking Uncle Rico-err Martinez up on his bet-I, for one, would rather not…

    In Conclusion…

    With NU’s first test over, we look ahead to the sparsely populated prairie of Wyoming. Nebraska’s last dalliance with the Cowboys was a lot closer than everyone expected. I would not expect much different this coming Saturday. While Wyoming is not as strong as Washington, or Fresno State for that matter, they do bring in an undefeated record and a few decent players.

    Know this, the Huskers, at least at this point, do not have the luxury of bringing their “C” game and expect to come out of Laramie with a win.

    All in all, we are where we thought we would be record wise at this point and, many of the seasons goals are still in tact. If the Blackshirts can somehow get their swagger back before the Wisconsin game then we can all go back to our dreams of a conference championship in our first year in a new league. If not…well after watching the first few Badger games, I don’t want to think about it…

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    1. Annie's Avatar
      Annie -
      We got beat by a 3-5 team at home when we were in control of our own dinetsy. We got our butts kicked and weren’t even in the game with two teams who have lost twice this year…….one of whom lost to Iowa for crying out loud. The roster was mismanaged horribly, they basically wore Burkhead out when there was no reason that Green/Heard/Abdullah could have taken at least 10 of those carries off his shoulders. Carnes got 22 snaps the entire season, less than 2 a game. We played guys on defense who are completely ineffective, without bringing up names, everyone knows who I am referring to. BTW, anyone watch this B1G Champ game and notice the 2 key RUNNING INTO the kicker penalties, in which hard contact was made against the kickers? I just wonder what those refs were smoking before our game against Michigan when they gave us a ROUGHING the kicker penalty on a kick where it was seriously debatable whether we even touched the kid. The injustices against our football team the past 3 years are really frustrating and getting harder to take. I am curious why the 2 guys in the above article were rooting for Whisky? Wasn't it in our best interests, bowl-wise, to have the Spartans win? If I'm wrong, and it really doesn't matter for our bowl aspirations, then don't we want the team we soundly beat to beat the team that soundly beat us? Thereby we get a transitive victory (they beat us, we beat them, and they beat them)? I guess it doesn't really matter, ultimately Really concerned about our best recruiter, and most forthright communicator leaving our program in the state it is. Personally, I think it's weak
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