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Your favorite song

My favorite song(s) vary from day to day, and upon my ever changing moods. I like music from Lawrence Welk (and Big Bands) to Alice Cooper (and Rock 'n' Roll) and almost anything in between. Got to have some Jazz and Country. Classical piano and Strauss waltzes make some days go a lot better. And now that we are headed into the Christmas music season, that is about all I hear in the house . . . .

I agree that it's hard to pick a favorite song, we all change, times change. This song brings back special memories. I used to drive 100 miles to Hastings at Christmas time with the kids and my wife. Always played this song on CD. One of our kids has passed away, I will always cherish the memories and this song. My favorite at Christmas. :)


This is a great thread but for me I can't list any song as my favorite. I have about 10 favorite albums though, lol. I do love hearing Kashmir by LZ. I also can't attach a song or video.


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