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Year 7: Tim Miles


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Burn! You just looked up that Tim Miles winning percentage is .014 less than the illustrious Nebraska "history of basketball"!

What is his winning percentage after the crieghton win? Does it matter? Happy to be winning now. Also, I think he is doing a fine job recruiting
Burn? Burn what? If you don’t give factual information, your posts are just garbage. Are telling us that you think winning ‘approximately’ 50% of the time is adequate for a 7th year coach? This debate is not about one game, or one season, it’s based on an accumulation of performances. Are we happy he’s winning? Of course, Tech and Minnie didn’t feel good. But like every game and season, we need to identify our shortcomings and work on them.
Mid-season mark of Year 7 for Tim Miles. One game out of last place with Indiana, Michigan St (×2), Purdue (×2), Ohio St, Wisconsin, Michigan, Iowa, Maryland and Minnesota to be played in their last 16 games. Based on what we've seen, is 20 wins even a possibility?

And for those keeping up with the burn factor, Miles winning percentage at Nebraska is a sizzling 51.6%.
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Husker Mort

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Barely getting past Penn State at home was my last straw. Eager to move on from the Tim Miles era and hope the roster can be kept mostly intact, since recruiting is his obvious strength.
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Cannot get the effort out of players. Poor rebounding, cannot defend the paint and no consistent offensive scheme. They are a poor “street” basketball team with no direction, purpose or discipline. No mental toughness.
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You are a good guy, RD, and I'm not done supporting. There are some guys on that roster I want to have some success, and bailing out on them isn't fair. GBR
Yeah, we will all support the team. The chips will fall where they may. It’s a good thing that people care. Losses like this are tough and far too common.

Elwood von Kiowa

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I don't expect Nebrasketball to be on the same level as KU, UK, or Duke. But it would be nice to make it past the first round in the tourney once in a while.

The BTN experts had been raving since the start of the season about how good the team was, how we were underrated, etc. Now they talk about our missed opportunities, poor decisions, and poor team play.

After suffering through 14 disappointing seasons of football (disappointing because the team was not playing up to their potential), and then seeing the development under a top coach in 2018...

It gets really frustrating when you see a BB team full of talent, who can't put it all together. And that falls on coaching.

I like Tim Miles; he's a good guy. Mike Riley is a good guy too...

I don't want to start trashing Coach Miles but I sure hope Bill Moos has his house in order.


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It's tough, brother, I want to like the guy, heck, I do like the guy,
I like Tim Miles; he's a good guy. I don't want to start trashing Coach Miles but I sure hope Bill Moos has his house in order.
I pretty much said the same thing in another post. Heck, I wouldn't mind sitting down and having a brewski or two with him.