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Yale v. NU - Corvallis Regional - 6/2/17


Husker Immortal
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8-9-1 due up for NU

Roskam is leading off; he has 1 hit today

called strike, 0-1

that is his 109th pitch today

called strike, 0-2

S/M, strike 3

1 down


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I wish, when this inning is over, someone gets on here, and tells us, shame on you, because we didn't believe they would come back and win this game. :Koolaid2:


Husker Fan
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I guarantee you everyone from DE down to the water boy was looking past this game. Yale was going to roll over and die, so NU could play OSU
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Hagge is batting


now 2-0

called strike, 2-1

low, 3-1

called strike, full count

chopped foul, 3-2

chopped foul again, still 3-2


Red Shirt
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I'm not sure I care to see shreiber or roskum in the lineup again. and I don't think we have any other options.


Husker Immortal
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Meyers is batting

called strike, 0-1

now 120 pitches

high, 1-1

called strike, 1-2

mercifully down to our last strike

outside, 2-2