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Xmas Prime Rib


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I tried it on my own this year.

I did two 4 lb prime ribs. They both turned out awesome.

Number 1:

I seasoned it the night before in an oven bag with a rub made of a generous squeeze of Dijon mustard, a generous dashing of Worcestershire sauce, 5 cloves of mashed garlic, generous rosemary needles and generous thyme. Then I sprinkled generic beef seasoning over it, patting the sides and ends. I did not season the bottom. I let it sit overnight.

I let the meat sit for 30 minutes in the sun to come to room temperature

I preheated the smoker to full blast, between 380 and 450 degrees and flashed it for 20 minutes. I turned it down to 225 then. i cooked it for 3 hours until internal temp was 120 then wrapped in foil and left it on grill because the other prime rib was not done yet. It stayed on for 2 more hours.

I let it rest for 30 minutes.

Number 2:

I generously dashed red wine vinegar, about a cup of parsley, generous rosemary, 5 cloves of chopped garlic and about a 1/2 cup of olive oil. I pureed the rub in the blender, then rubbed. I rubbed the prime rib then let it sit overnight in the oven bag.

I also let the meat sit for 30 minutes in the sun to come to room temp. Then I rubbed it with generic beef rub.

I did not flash this meat. When the smoker cooled to 225, I put the Prime Rib on a grate in the smoker over a baking pan filled with Beef Broth. It cooked for about 5 hours.

I let it rest for 30 minutes.

Here's how it started:


Here's how number 1, the prime rib on the right, turned out:

aanumber 1.jpg

Here's how number 2, the prime rib on the left, turned out:

aanumber 2.jpg

Number 1 was zesty, but still good. Number 2 was absolutely ridiculously good. Cooking it over the beef broth is how I'm going to do it from now on.


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Sorry, Had a picture of a prime rib I did but, can't seem to get it the picture to load!