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Feral Cat
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The only non-NFL professional league I ever had any interest in was the USFL. I doubt that will change with the XFL v2.0.


Nobody important
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Some of the rules will be interesting to see if they work and if anyone else adopts them.


Cyber Traveler
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Just turned it on a little while ago to see what it's like.

The DC Defenders just kicked a half ending 55 yd FG to get within 1pt., 12-13, of the Seatle Dragons who copied their uniforms after Thug U.

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I like the kickoff rule and the point after rule. I do not like the punt rules. Pinning a team back is part of football. I am not sure what just happened at the end of the half with the clock though.


Red Shirt
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Watched both games yesterday. Enjoyed immensely. Watching my Vipers right now. Jerald Foster recovered an offensive fumble to keep Tampa Bay moving.