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Xavier Johnson > decommit to Pitt! > Transfer Portal > Indiana


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Original Thread Title: Xavier Johnson. Was N. now Out.

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Told you this was coming. Gross mismanagement of the basketball program for 3 years. We will bottom out again, and hope to get lucky with a hire. In other words, about where we've been for 20 years.
You really are the hysterical type, aren't you? It's a freshman recruit, not Lebron James. If i told you that we could keep our former assistant coach, and this recruit, and all you'd have to do is pay 4 to 6 million dollars for it, I'm sure you'd yank your wallet open immediately. oh, and I forgot whatever severance we'd owe the assistant coaches, which could bump that up another million or so.

Try to think about the long term, and not fawn over a couple of kids.
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Radio: According to Miles, Johnson has NOT asked for a release...yet
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Too late to cut bait now...NU is stuck with him for next year but Moos should be starting his search.

I would hope Moos already has a list. Didn't he say he always kept one in his top drawer or back pocket or somewhere close by?