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Wyatt Mazour


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A lot of talk about replacing Ozigbo...#37 is more than capable he’s proven he can block, run, and catch the football. Looking forward to him getting his chance to become a starter.
I think it will be a stretch to see him win the starting job, but stranger things have happened. He's a strong north-south runner with good acceleration and with some cutting ability.

I think Mills has a great change to be the Ozigbo replacement or Washington if he puts on some weight, but I think Mazour will fight for some touches next year


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With the talent and competition at the position this year, I'd be shocked to see him get more than 30 touches all season


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If he’s getting 10 touches a game next year, either multiple people got hurt, or we had some BIG recruiting misses the last 2 years.

Nice kid, nice story, good player. But those other guys are on a different level.
Shhhh, let them dream. :thumbsup: