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Wrestling versus Hawkeyes


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So, this was on BTN last night immediately after the Husker basketball game and I was watching. I guess I was too lazy to go get the laptop and start a thread then.

Anyway, the team score was heavily weighted toward Iowa at the end; but, there really was only one match that wasn't a competitive, close match. We lost three matches on takedowns in the final minute and won a match on a takedown in the final minute. Both of our two wins were upsets over a higher ranked wrestler, we had a higher ranked guy get beat in a minor upset (Iowa has taken the redshirt off of a guy and he's still moving up the rankings, he is really good).

Iowa is stacked to the point that the announcers are thinking they could become only the second team in history to have the entire 10 man lineup earn All-American honors.

This is an excellent match by match article:


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I was watching this one too. We were very competitive in most of the matches but just couldn't keep the lead or lost it in the last seconds. I was happy we wrestled better than we did against Wisconsin. In fact, if we had wrestled against Wisconsin the way did against Iowa, we would have won that Dual.
Lovett will be a future National Champion if he keeps up his progress, For a True Freshman he wrestled very good against the #1 and #2 ranked wrestlers that are at Wisconsin and Iowa.
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