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WR Billy Kemp transfer from Virginia is N


All Big 10
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Out of the top 50 receivers in 2022 (by yards + catches), only 2 players had a similar size profile and neither were in the P5. That doesn't mean he can't be a great player for us (I actually expect him to be), but it does imply that size metrics are important for a top receiver at a P5 program. Same reason you can't just plop a TE in at OT.
He is a possession WR. Those guys often do not have a ton of yardage. They get there yards 5-10 at a time. They enable the big play guys to get open.


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One of the writers compared him to Spielman.

Nope. Dude is way more Wandale. They are almost exactly the same size and play exactly the same position in terms of WR positioning. Their movement is eerily similar. If Kemp is healthy, he’ll be better than Wandale was as a freshman. Fringe NFL talent as a possession/slot guy, IMO.
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