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The Man Who Bet The Cardinals At 999/1 When They Were Out Of The Race Is Looking Smart And Rich Right Now

Vegas loves long shots. When statistics and history scream against the possibility of a miracle, Vegas can always count on the dreamers and the fools to put down cash in the hope of a once-in-a-lifetime payout. It's free money for the house, 999 times out of 1,000.
Not 1,000 times out of 1,000 though. That's why there are dreamers and fools.
At 8:16 PDT on September 12th, the Cardinals had lost 6-5 in Pittsburgh, and the Braves were in the 12th inning of their game against Florida—a game they would lose, but hadn't yet at the moment a man walked up to a sports book teller at the MGM Grand. St. Louis was five games back of the wild card with 15 games yet to play, and at least one oddsmaker decided the Cardinals' chances of winning a World Series were a thousand to one against.
One unidentified St. Louisan put down $250 on the Cardinals making the World Series at 500/1, and another $250 on them winning the whole thing at 999/1. An unlikely late September run, an unlikelier Braves collapse, upsets of the hyped Phillies and Brewers, and he's $125,000 richer. If the Cards can win three games before they lose four, he'll pocket another $250,000.
Somebody got rich.


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Congrats Cardinals. Thanks for taking 10 years off my life in Game 6 ! LOL

In mid-September my Brother (a Yankee's fan for 50+ years because of our Dad) sent me a birthday card and at the bottom he wrote "Too bad about the Cards".

I didn't say a word...knowing I would see him on October 22nd. When I got to the wedding reception we were all attending, I walked up to him and said..."What did you mean by that little note in my card ?" He just looked at the floor and said, "I knew I'd hear about that ! I sent the card and then they started winning and I thought...'oh sh**." LOL I told him I decided to wait to razz him till the Cards got into the series and then decided to wait till I could do it in person. I plan to call him today ! :D :D :D

I was a Reds fan as a kid (always swam upstream from my family...yeah, I'm a rebel)...and caught Cardinal fever from my spouse and in-laws so have been a true Card fan for over 30 years. (We always followed the Royals. My Dad did for his 'local team' so that has been a lifelong thing...)

I'm still a Reds fan...when Cards v Reds I still wear Cinti apparel and want to see my Reds in the WS again but...this is S-W-E-E-T !!!!
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