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World Series Predictions


Junior Varsity
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A team in Red will win!

Seriously though, was born and raised on the Cards, but have become a fan of the Rangers since living here. I would be happy with either team winning! Just prefer a 7 game series as opposed to 4 straight.

Big Red Dutchman

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It will not be the pitching of Carpenter or the hitting of Pujols, it's the rally squirrel.[video]http://stlouis.cardinals.mlb.com/video/play.jsp?content_id=19846045&topic_id=25502556&c_id=stl[/video]


Scout Team
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who cares in 6

sorry, just bitter, this was the absolute last matchup i wanted to see when the playoffs started.


Tom Osborne
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Have to go with the Rangers in 6.

In Vegas 100 will get you 350 on that pick

A Cardinals sweep pays 18-1.


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One thing seems certain, so far...these two teams look to be pretty evenly matched.

Hate that the Cards were GIVEN homefield though, dumb rule.


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prior to the all star game determining home field, IIRC they used to alternate, which seemed equally odd/dumb.
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