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Women's Softball

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Game Notes
  • This marks the first conference tournament title since Nebraska claimed the Big 12 title in 2004.
  • Today's title marks the 20th conference title for the Huskers.
  • The Huskers claim their second Big Ten Title. The first came in 2014 when NU won the regular season title.
  • Nebraska becomes the eighth No. 2 seed to win the Big Ten Tournament. The last was in 2018 when No. 2 Minnesota beat No. 4 Northwestern, 9-6.
  • NU moves to 40-14 on the year. The last time NU recorded 40 wins in a season was in 2014 when the Huskers finished 44-18 on the year.
  • The Huskers are 4-0 in extra innings this season.
  • Cam Ybarra smashed her 10th homer this season with a solo shot in the first inning.
  • This was the second Big Ten Tournament Championship game to go into extra innings. The first was in 2016.


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Volleyball?? (maybe first place in conference standings, but I don't believe they have a B1G Tournament for volleyball :Redface:)

Here is a comment on Softball I found elsewhere :Redface: I think is worth repeating:

"The Husker pitchers, Courtney Wallace and Oliva Ferrel are to be commended for their excellent pitching during the whole tournament. We would not have won the Championship if they hadn't preformed so well. Michigan had runners on third base multiple times during this game and did not score. One time with no out.

It's a great feeling to beat Michigan all three times this year.

Winning the Championship and coming in second place during the regular season should gives us an excellent seating in the NCAA Tournament. Hopefully a second seed with a weaker first seed. Don't think our strength of schedule will gives us a first seed. Also think a third seed would be unjust but Nebraska rarely seems to get national respect so who knows where we will end up.

I have been following women's softball for a long time and did not see this success coming. Basically the same team that finished in the bottom half of the Big Ten last year minus one of our all time best players, Kristen Edwards."

The Softball team is a lot of fun to watch. I am eager to watch the selection show to see where they put NU. A number of "Bracketology" gurus have placed NU in Oklahoma's regional which would be Awful! And please don't give me this "To be the best you gotta beat the best" nonsense. The NCAA committee loves to pit old rivals together but I truly hope Nebraska gets a regional with a lower #1 seed. Not like how the baseball team got screwed over last year in winning the B1G title and then have to go to the #1 overall seed Arkansas. However it goes, excited to cheer on Big Red!!


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7 Big Ten teams in. Penn State and Maryland have to feel stung by Minnesota getting in. It looks like they were the last team in. The worst record of all at large teams, a losing conference record, and a first round defeat in the conference tourney. They are in, I am sure, because they run-ruled NW twice the last weekend of the regular season.
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Wow, the B1G tournament champs got the regional with Okie State, seems like the ladies got no respect with that draw...the Big XII Tournament Champs, 41-14, but had 6 losses in a row at the end of the regular season to the #3 and #1 teams like OSU, Stanford and Auburn look like they got much better draws

Hope they do well, but having watched Okie State play, I won't be surprised if we don't make it out of the regional


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The Nebraska softball team (40-14) has been selected for the Stillwater NCAA Regional in Stillwater, Okla., and will play North Texas (35-14) on Friday, May 20, at 5 p.m. (CT).

Oklahoma State (41-12) is the tournament's No. 7 overall seed and will play Fordham (30-20).

Friday will be the third meeting between Nebraska and North Texas. The Mean Green received an automatic bid after winning the CUSA Tournament. This marks North Texas' first NCAA Championship appearance in program history.

Stillwater Regional – May 20-22 at Stillwater, Oklahoma
No. 7 seed Oklahoma State* (41-12) vs. Fordham (30-20)
Nebraska (40-14) vs. North Texas (35-14)


Double Elimination​

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Seeding/assignment seems off (as frequently seems to happen).

We seem to be a 7-seed (ranked 28th in RPI).
Ohio State is ranked #25 in RPI (would also be a #7) and Michigan is ranked #21 (a #6). Those seem close enough in objective rankings that our conference championship, beating both of them in the tournament, should have given us the best spot of the three.

Oklahoma State #7 overall.
Tennessee (w/ Ohio State) #11 overall
Central Florida (w/ Michigan) #16 overall

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On the brighter side...if Nebraska gets through the Okie St region while still a bit fresh, they'll be matched up with #10 seed super regional, OSU against a #6 seed super regional, and Michicken against a #1 seed super regional. So, it seems to me that the path to the CWS, the real prize, kind of evens out. It's never going to be easy.


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The 16 seeded teams are 9-0 with 2 more in the lead and 5 more teams to play (including Okie State).
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