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Women's Basketball Recruiting

Red Don

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The Dearth of recruiting news; or follow-up for WBB is Distressing! (as pointed out by so many) :eek:

For example:
Bella Swedlund, Winner, SD, seems almost tailor-made for the Huskers WBB program, talking about educational opportunities, and the number of players who we have placed in the "So You Want to be a Coach' program, and gone on to coaching careers. :nod:
(No offer yet, as far as I know) :Signhuh:

Taylor McCabe who is from Fremont, NE, is a 'must-get' inho. What is happening in her recruiting? I know coaching staff cannot discuss potential recruits, but surely someone must have an inkling of efforts to recruit her, or are any activity or efforts just like what we are hearing; Crickets?
> TO IOWA :(

Or how about Mara Braun, 6-0, G, Wazata HS, Plymouth, MN and teammate of Husker Commit Annika Stewart. Do we have any Chance :Confused: Have we made any contact?
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