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Wimmer's Hot Dogs


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Someone yesterday mentioned the Natural Casing Wimmers and how they preferred them over other high end dogs. I have noticed there are a variety from wieners to all beef to smoked sausage. Which ones do you all prefer? Being here in Virginia and with 2 weeks to plan for my first game, thought it would be fun to have some for our delayed season. So I anxiously await peoples thoughts. Thanks!

They sell the natural casing wieners at the gigh school games here. Always get one , and they are the hot dogs I prefer!!
Wimmers coarse ground natural cased are wonderful but hard to find. I have to special order from my grocery store. Well worth the effort.
If you're ever passing through Le Mars, Iowa on the way to the Cities make a stop a Bob's Drive In. They have used Wimmer's natural casing dogs for years and have a heck of a business and great reputation. BTW, anyone noticing a shortage of Wimmers? We're having a hard time finding them at any local grocer in the past few months. Used to be available.

In answer to your original question . . . imho, Nathan's doesn't hold a candle to Wimmer's natural casing wieners. Some of the little folks in the family don't quite know how to handle the snap of a good wiener casing but I wouldn't have it any other way. I mention Nathan's as my daughter lives on the East Coast and they are everywhere. No comparison to Wimmers. BTW, Fairbury makes/owns Wimmers. They are the official wiener of the Huskers.
An East Coast alternative which is actually pretty good are the Boar's Head Natural Casing hot dogs. Have fond memories of Wimmer's wieners at the Fourth of July celebrations at my Grandfather's farm.
Dad used to sell them in his store, I know they were very popular in NE Nebraska and he would sell out of them very quickly. That red exterior and snap when you bit into one, yum.


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