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Quote from their press release:

[FONT=Verdana, Geneva, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif]Will Shields - OL, Nebraska (1989-92): I want to thank the Football Foundation for voting me in and for letting me be the only offensive lineman to be here. It's interesting to see the many pathways that brought us into the Hall of Fame. Our families and friends are so vital for us being here, and I was fortunate to have played against so many of these fellow inductees. [/FONT]

Full press release here:

[FONT=Verdana, Geneva, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif]<center>[h=2][FONT='Times New Roman',Times,serif]Quotes from the 54th NFF Annual
Awards Dinner Press Conference
[/h]</center>[FONT='Times New Roman',Times,serif]
<center>[h=3]Quotes from Secretary Robert Gates, Dr. Archie Roberts, the 2011 College Football Hall of Fame Class and the 2011 NFF National Scholar-Athlete Class, presented by Fidelity Investments [/h]</center>



NFF Chairman and College Football Hall of Famer Archie Manning: Each inductee should serve as an inspiration to all those in college football. We appreciate the great legacy these inductees have left for those currently playing in and coaching football and are proud of their accomplishments.

NFF President and CEO Steve Hatchell: We're excited about this great class and all those being honored as national award winners, our College and High School National Scholar-Athletes, and a new relationship with the Allstate Sugar Bowl, which will help salute this year's class of inductees during its 2012 ceremonies.

Carlos Alvarez - WR, Florida (1969-71): My thoughts are the same as I had when I was notified by phone about the Hall of Fame. I am Cuban-born and so grateful to my father for giving us this opportunity called the United States. I am representing a whole bunch of people, family and coaches and have a heck of lot of people who helped get me here and a heck of a lot of heroes in my life.

Doug English - DT, Texas (1972-74): If I could be so bold to speak on behalf of all these great men here we are all products of great coaching and great families. Our coaches never gave up for me, and my first start was my first game as a senior in high school. Coaches have been there for us every step of the way, and nothing could ever be done to take the place of our coaches, mentors and families.

Bill Enyart - FB, Oregon State (1966-68): This is a great honor and somewhat humbling. Football is the ultimate team game, and there have been many who have fallen by the wayside through injuries and other hardships. Football is all about the relationships. It's a bonding experience, and you share the joy and tribulations. There's a sense of community no other sport brings, and there's a little bit of luck involved.

Eddie George - RB, Ohio State (1992-95): Coming into New York, I truly didn't know what to expect. Walking around this hotel and seeing all the legends I grew up with is a true honor. I'm just honored to have my sons here to see me live this dream after working hard to achieve this dream and to remember the blood, sweat and tears and to thank God for these blessings.

Marty Lyons - DT, Alabama (1975-78): It's an honor for me to represent the University of Alabama. I am so proud to represent the fans, family and friends in Alabama. You appreciate the people who surround you, who have the determination, who have confidence in you, and who can see tomorrow when you can't see the light.

Russell Maryland - DT, Miami (Fla.) (1986-90): Twenty-five years ago, I wasn't highly recruited and to get to play on two national championships was a real thrill. We are the blessed, and I was just a fat kid from the South Side of Chicago when I came out of high school. We are the less than one percent of college football, and I have a lot of connection to everyone here at the podium.

Deion Sanders - DB, Florida State (1985-88): First of all, I want to thank God for the opportunity to be here. I want to thank the coaches, my mother for being here to enjoy this, my equipment manager at Florida State, my defensive back coach Mickey Andrews, and so many people who have blessed us in this life.

Jake Scott - DB, Georgia (1967-68): I want to thank head coach Bill Dooley and the late assistant Erk Russell and the many people involved with Georgia football. I had the opportunity to play professional football and took many of those life lessons learned at Georgia into my present life. It was just so great to get a chance to compete at the college level and to play against people like Archie Manning. I'm just delighted.

Will Shields - OL, Nebraska (1989-92): I want to thank the Football Foundation for voting me in and for letting me be the only offensive lineman to be here. It's interesting to see the many pathways that brought us into the Hall of Fame. Our families and friends are so vital for us being here, and I was fortunate to have played against so many of these fellow inductees.

Barbara Stephens-Foster, sister of the late Sandy Stephens - QB, Minnesota (1959-61): Sandy is here and I'm wearing his Minnesota sweater. This is all about the success he enjoyed, and I know he would want me to thank his high school coaches and college coach (Murray Warmath). Sandy believed in being an example, and he became a national role model. He just wanted the chance to play quarterback at Minnesota. He just wanted to let youngsters see him play on the national stage. That Minnesota team was his band of brothers until he died. He was the general, the papa and all those things that represented leadership. I am just so grateful to represent the family and him today.

Darryl Talley - LB, West Virginia (1979-82): I was just the real scrawny kid when I came to West Virginia at 146 pounds. I had a real stubbornness I got from my dad about making the team, and they redshirted me as a freshman. West Virginia stuck with me, and I stayed with it. It was a challenge, and I owe football a great deal for my success in life. It is a true honor to be with these men and to be inducted into the College Football Hall of Fame.

Clendon Thomas - HB, Oklahoma (1955-57): I watched Eddie George's interview when he was notified about the Hall of Fame. He thought you had to be really old to get into the Hall of Fame. I was so happy to get the privilege to play college football and to play for people such as Bud Wilkinson. I am so grateful for my kids and grandkids to get a chance to help me celebrate these days and to enjoy the accomplishments of the University of Oklahoma football program.

Rob Waldrop - DL, Arizona (1990-93): I don't know that else you can say. I am incredibly honored to be here with this group of men at the table. Football taught me to be a better young man, to be a success in life, and I never said much to the media when I was playing, but I am just incredibly honored. It is an honor to represent the University of Arizona and the great football program.

Gene Washington - WR, Michigan State (1964-66): I also am deeply honored to be here and to part of this group. As I think back, and I'm from the Houston, Texas, area, I remember the era of segregation in the South, I was just so fortunate and grateful to have had that opportunity to be recruited and play at Michigan State University. We were so blessed to play in back-to-back on Big Ten championship teams and to be on a national championship team.

Coach Lloyd Carr - Michigan (1995-2007): I would like to thank the National Football Foundation. I am the product of the magic of mentoring. I had the great fortune to have been hired by the great coaching legend Bo Schembechler. He stressed the team concept and education every day. I am here because of the great players I had to coach and the greatest university in the nation today - the University of Michigan.

Coach Fisher DeBerry - Air Force (1984-2006): I am just so honored and humbled with this award. I am even prouder about the recognition that this brings to the great U.S. Air Force Academy. I used to tell our players on the way back to the dorm after practice that if they passed a turtle on the fence tonight, he had to have some help to get up there and to think team. This award just shows the power of college football and how much it means to our country. This is just a big honor and means so much to me.

Secretary Robert Gates - NFF Gold Medal Honoree: I am very honored to be here and don't quite fit in with these great folks. Televised football in America is one of the first glimpses some people have of a college campus, and the goals of sports and football, in particular, are to bring a large and diverse population at many campuses together. It creates school spirit, and this presents to the American people the best college football has to offer.

Dr. Archie Roberts - NFF Distinguished American Award Winner: I am just so honored to be here and being the second Archie in the room (along with Archie Manning). Football started with my father who was also my coach and a guiding light. I moved on to Columbia University to get a great education and was able to get my medical degree while playing backup quarterback in the pros at Cleveland and Miami. Football has helped me connect the dots with life and our heart health foundation, and this is a wonderful way to celebrate this.


NFF President and CEO Steve Hatchell: These are the best of the best. To get to New York as a NFF National Scholar-Athlete, you have to be truly special.

Fidelity Investments President for Personal Investing Kathleen Murphy: Fidelity has long sought ways to partner with colleges and universities across the country in a variety of ways. We were just thrilled to partner with the National Football Foundation in supporting the National Scholar-Athlete program. The National Scholar-Athlete program really is about the best of what colleges and universities produce in our country.

Drew Butler - P, Georgia: Ten years ago I was in this exact place when my father was inducted into the College Football Hall of Fame. To have this come full circle and be recognized with this great group of guys is a huge honor.

Kirk Cousins - QB, Michigan State: This is a great honor to be here. Of the many honors that I and my team have received, this one takes the cake. It's very humbling to be surrounded by so many of my peers who are committed to excellence.

Micah Davis - QB, Delta State (Miss.): It's been a great honor to come here. Being able to put your studies together with athletics has been hard but it's been a great achievement to be able to do it as well as I have.

Yaser Elqutub - LB, Northwestern State: I'm more excited not for myself but for everything that I represent and everybody who's helped me out. Chris (Ganious) asked me what I would've said five years ago if someone told me I'd become an NFF National Scholar-Athlete and I just laughed. This is a dream come true.

Chris Ganious - RB, South Dakota: I want to thank the University of South Dakota for helping me be here. They took a chance on me, a smaller running back from Texas. To be with these guys, we've all worked really hard to be here.

Clay Garcia - QB, Colorado School of Mines: I want to thank the School of Mines, they are a great institution and have provided me a means to not only a career but a great education. I would also like to thank the National Football Foundation for a pursuit for everything that's right about football.

Chandler Harnish - QB, Northern Illinois: I remember when I was first told I was selected to be one of the 16 Scholar-Athletes, I thought it was pretty cool. The more I found out about it, the more I was blown away. This award is unbelievable. The amount of people that are here, the names that are associated with the National Football Foundation along with the College Football Hall of Fame is unbelievable. I was telling someone yesterday that this is the best kept secret in college football. It's such an unbelievable experience for all of us. We're so deeply honored to be here and so proud to represent our universities.

Tysyn Hartman - DB, Kansas State: When you first find out about it, it's obviously an honor. The more you find out about it, the more astounded you are about what a classy organization the National Football Foundation is. Thanks to the National Football Foundation for putting me with these great individuals, not only the brightest students in the nation but the best athletes as well.

Chaz Hine - OL, South Florida: A fantastic support system has been able to help me through everything that I've been able to accomplish. When I found out that I was going to be here with these young men, my draw dropped. Being an opera singer and a thespian, I've always wanted to be a role model for young men and women. One of the things that I've always prided myself on, and I know that this goes for the rest of these young men here, we really pride ourselves on breaking the mold of the college athlete.

Joe Holland - LB, Purdue: The athletics achievements that we have all accomplished are very well publicized but what's not as well known is how hard we all work in the classroom and how much pride we take in our academics.

Jared Karstetter - WR, Washington State: It means more to me than I can say in words. It's meant so much to be able to achieve what I have and we wouldn't have been able to do it without those people helping mold us.

Ryan Tannehill - QB, Texas A&M: It's a tremendous honor to receive this award. I still didn't realize exactly how big of an honor this was until yesterday when I got here. These are tremendous guys that have high values, high character, great performance on the field as well as off.

Patrick Witt - QB, Yale: College football is so much more than what you see on the 12 Saturdays in the fall. Each of these guys up here are proving that to be the case. There are countless sleepless nights studying for a big test when you have weights in the morning. These guys have made a commitment to excellence like the men in the Scholar-Athlete classes that have come before us and will come after us.

Michael Zwiefel - WR, Dubuque (Iowa): I wouldn't be here without the support from all my teammates and coaches throughout the years, and all the professors and teachers that I've had. I think this award is a product of the university's commitment to their student-athletes' excellence than it is for me individually.


The 2011 NFF Natoinal Scholar-Athlete Class presented by Fidelity
Investments during Tuesday's NFF Annual Awards Dinner Press Conference.
</center> About The National Football Foundation: Founded in 1947 with early leadership from General Douglas MacArthur, legendary Army coach Earl "Red" Blaik and immortal journalist Grantland Rice, The National Football Foundation & College Hall of Fame, a non-profit educational organization, runs programs designed to use the power of amateur football in developing scholarship, citizenship and athletic achievement in young people. With 121 chapters and 12,000 members nationwide, NFF programs include the College Football Hall of Fame, the NFF Hampshire Honor Society, the NFF National Scholar-Athlete Alumni Association, Play It Smart, and scholarships of over $1 million for college and high school scholar-athletes. The NFF presents the MacArthur Bowl, the Campbell Trophy, endowed by HealthSouth, and releases the Bowl Championship Series (BCS) Standings.

<center>For more information, please visit us on the web at www.footballfoundation.org </center>[/FONT]

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