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Will MA be the guy in charge by the time the CWS wraps up?

Will MA be the head coach at Nebraska by the end of the CWS?

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Need to read Shatel today if you have not. He is on board with a time for change.


Thanks, Mike.

That’s what Tom Osborne should say to Mike Anderson this week, right before he makes the call to the bullpen for a new head baseball coach.

The time is right. The program that used to have people talking this time of year now resembles the crowd of 2,624 subdued diehards who showed up Saturday for a meaningless doubleheader against Missouri to end the season. These days, the only time people talk about Husker baseball is when they talk about firing the coach.

The lazy atmosphere at Haymarket Park was the polar opposite from several years ago, when this place was buzzing and filled to the brim with red, and would be well into June, and it seemed like anything was possible for Nebraska baseball.

Now, the place smacked of empty seats and empty dreams.
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I went ahead and just put my vote in for no on this one. Timing is everything at the polls :taunt: