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Will MA be the guy in charge by the time the CWS wraps up?

Will MA be the head coach at Nebraska by the end of the CWS?

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Simple yes or no

You can rationalise your opinion here if you like

Will Mike Anderson be the head coach at Nebraska by the time the CWS wraps up. Most if not all coaching changes in baseball will be made or at least in play by that time for the year. What do you think NOW. The poll will close in 5 days.


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Well, I voted yes; but, sadly, I wish it would turn out to be "NO"!!!!!!!!!!!

BubbaGene,l I disagree: MA will screw that up, also. :(


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i am absolutely uncertain.. and since that's not an option, i won't vote. i will say.... other than callahan and crew, i have never seen a more clear cut opportunity to fire a coach at NU..... but... BUT... TO puzzles the heck out of me.
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I voted NO

but would not be surprised if still in charge for next year
Exactly my thoughts. I think if TO has any sense though, 3 years in a row in the cellar, declining attendance, and just a general feel of apathy around the program have to lead him to the decision to fire this guy.

Things I think will sway TO to keeping MA, the new facilities and switch in conference. Sadly, any improvement in our record next year will be looked at as justification to keep MA, instead of properly looking at the lack of competition next year. That's assuming improvement is a given next year. Is it?


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Hope he's not but think he will be. Can't remember if Baseball is a rev. or non rev. sport, but if they don't make any money, I think TO will go into the first year big 10 with the same coach. If revenue is an issue, he may be fired this year....three years no post season is not good for the coffers. I hate the thought of thinking of more of this next year....especially with Bubba Starling as clean-up batter! :D ;)


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Went with my heart and voted NO freakin way. Unfortunately my heart is wrong too often