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Will a Coach Busch coached defense give up 500 yards against Indiana?


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Will 2 weeks under someone else fix tackling, gap fits, communication, soft coverage, blown coverages? If no, then yes.


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If 2 weeks of Busch as DC results in major improvements in the defense I will be ecstatic and furious at the same time.

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None of those players signed up knowing that SF wasn't going to give his best effort. Its sad and disappointing that this is a lost season. I hope the players find some success. That they are more commited to winning than SF, says it all. You follow your leader, "the millionaire frat boy" was a poor example. HCMJ is a hell of a man and leader. I sincerely hope they rally and win a couple games!


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I see that their QB was 31 of 66 passing for 280 yds and 2 td's with 2 int's(against Cincinnati). That's a lot of passing right there. This could be one long ugly game for sure. I think we win the game late though, perhaps a field goal with a couple of minutes to go.
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